Alex Boyko released a very popular video – Spinner from China with Aliexpress. Unpacking the parcel.
3 498 009 views, friends!! It must be an interesting and captivating video with a rich plot?

We will see.

First, Alex unpacks the parcel received from Aliexpress, accompanying this process with comments on the topic: what I see, I sing. Then Alex brings the light of enlightenment to the masses and the dark populace will learn that the spinner has three bearings on the outside and one inside under the plug.

Friends, let us bow our heads before the feat of Alex Boyko….3 498 009 people were not left in captivity of obscurantism, think about this figure. But the difficult one along the path of enlightenment is not yet over. Next, the video introduces what you can do with the spinner. And what can he do? Oh, he’s great in his hands. Oh, he can also spin on the table!
Thank you Alex, humanity should fall on its face and sprinkle clean tears of gratitude on your feet, that is, ugh, your computer monitors!

But Alex’s genius didn’t stop there. He shows humanity a cool trick…. It turns out that you can detect the rotation time of the spinner on the stopwatch… Gods, gods – the spinner is spinning! He’s spinning!!! It spins for 1 minute 55 seconds! It goes into orbit and rushes straight into space! And here he is at the moon! What speed of rotation, what scope! The stars are approaching right before our eyes! The Milky Way is somewhere behind! Galaxies shrink into black holes! What quality bearings are made in China, – Alex notes, looking at the run of a spaceship, that is, a spinner. And the truth is, they didn’t even bend

How bewitchingly the spinner blades rotate and hypnotize, hypnotize, – the selfless commentator of the masterpiece again raises his voice. 3,177,152 people clung to the monitors to appreciate the magic of the hypnotic rotation of the fidget with their own eyes… Ah! But the undying light of genius has remained in our hearts forever! Why so few likes guys?
It was fantastic…. 3 498 009 views indicate, at least, that the director has reached a new level. What plot and what video sequence: Alex Boyko’s fingers look organic and fresh against the background of the table. More videos like this! Alex Boyko, keep it up!

Floating. Stop stress.

The load on the musculoskeletal system is removed.
Floating is an easy way to relax, rejuvenate and get rid of stress, in a convenient capsule, with high-density sea water that simulates weightlessness. Floating is a safe, fast and affordable way of total relaxation.
Let’s talk about floating in the sensory deprivation chamber. Floating just in the sea/outdoor pool/water mattress is not considered floating.
In English literature, this device is called a tank. It looks like this:

Sensory deprivation chamber

Sensory deprivation chamber

Very salty water inside. For this, Epsom salt is used. You can read about the pros and therapeutic effects of this salt separately. The main thing is that now you can lie on the surface of the water without fear that your head will be under water.

Deep relaxation

Sensory deprivation cameras were developed as a result of the search for ways to pick up signals from the brain without stimuli. People, light, sound – could act as irritants. Roughly speaking, the purity of the experiment was needed. In addition, gravity acted on the vessels of the brain, and the scientists decided to soften this force by positioning the bodies of the subjects in the water. It was in 1954.

fly elephant

The brain emits theta waves, as in REM sleep

In addition to brain research, a side effect was noticed that even taking into account the fact that a person is in a closed dark space, he relaxes and does not get nervous. Moreover, during the experiments, it was possible to consciously enter an altered state of consciousness. This is the state on the verge of sleep and reality. But at the same time, without falling asleep (I will tell you about this experience, mine, at the end). Moreover, they found that this state can be controlled there.

Emotional reboot

Imagine that you are not sleeping, but that you can consciously dream. dive into the depths of consciousness and subconsciousness and easily pull out the images that you need. But at the same time you do not sleep.
The first bonus is relaxation. Floating allows you to relax your mind and body. Even if you are heavily loaded with something, after the session you will be loaded many times less.

Stop stress

Relaxation of physiology. When you are in a capsule, you clearly know where you are pinched, overstressed and skewed. You just can’t lie flat on your back if there are spasms somewhere. It will start to hurt right away, because gravity no longer presses down. And what can relax – it will begin to do so.Deprivation session relieves anxiety of various origins
If something cannot relax right away, it will be tense. H stressed parts are often balanced by other parts. And if they relaxed too, then severe discomfort will begin in the tense parts.

A state close to meditation

Floating is officially prescribed as a therapy for anxiety and depression. Indeed, when you leave the cell, you feel as peaceful as possible. Depression is thought to be caused by high levels of cortisol and ACTH (a hormone that stimulates the production of cortisol). Cortisol is a hormone that helps to survive, but it is also an anxiety hormone and in large quantities leads to anxiety. These hormones do not form ALL types of depression, but only subtypes associated with social interactions, when someone is suppressing or we feel helpless.

floating chamber

Starts the renewal of brain processes

Floating helps our cognitive abilities work differently. Better.
More efficient. Students grasp complex concepts more easily and apply new approaches.
Of course, you can use floating to memorize words, but it’s like shooting sparrows from a cannon. Floating helps to get off the ground and see more solutions, opportunities, and in general everything is different. There will be a lot of ideas after the floating course. The course is not just one session. at least 5 – 7.

Milk escaped


Milk, in addition to water, contains long polymer molecules. When water evaporates from the surface layers when milk is heated, these molecules adhere and form a strong film. Meanwhile, tiny bubbles appear at the bottom – this is the gas dissolved in the liquid. Water also begins to evaporate inside the bubbles, they grow, and their walls are reinforced with a polymer film.

When the bubbles float, they rest against the film on the surface and cannot, as in water, burst and release steam. As the milk approaches the boiling point, the number of bubbles increases, they form foam, which lifts the polymer film. At the same time, the bubbles themselves are strong enough and do not burst. Propped from below with new ones, they quickly overflow the pan.

молоко в кувшине

Understanding the nature of this phenomenon allows you to successfully deal with it. So that the milk does not run away, it is stirred, not allowing the film to appear. The easiest way is if the bubbles themselves rise from the bottom. It is only necessary that they float to the surface already enlarged, then any film will be nothing to them.

The Soviet industry even produced “milk guards” in the form of a stainless steel disc with concentric grooves. Its surface is smooth and easy to clean. The disk is placed on the bottom of the pan, while quite a lot of air remains in the grooves, and vapors of boiling milk tend to come here. As a result, rather large bubbles form at the bottom, which float to the surface through a special neck in the disk. Foam in this case is not formed, and the milk does not run away. It was even possible not to look after it – this is such a physical prototype of today’s smart things: as soon as large bubbles formed, the disk began to rumble slightly.