Delicious sandwich – breakfast for the lazy

меряют бутерброд штангенциркулем

Make a delicious sandwich about 5 ways in this video I will tell you. You will learn how to make a delicious sandwich from pita bread ingredients:

  • make a toast sandwich
  • make a sweet pepper sandwich
  • sandwich with sprats

For breakfast, lunch and dinner sandwich options are available. With cheese and ham, a sandwich in the morning, with a cutlet, the same cheese, spices, vegetables in the afternoon. With cold meat and vegetables or. With vegetables alone low-calorie salad or in the evening. This dish can be called a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a sandwich – the essence does not change: we are talking about a sandwich.

With sprats just yummy

О вреде бутербродов почему возник миф?

  • First, the composition of the latter often includes ingredients that are high in calories and cholesterol.
  • Secondly, many people like to bake sandwiches, and the adored crust is harmful to those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • В-третьих, в бутерброды часто добавляют что-то для остроты, а это смерть язвенникам и тем, кто страдает гастритом.
  • There are sandwiches – it means to eat dry food.

Facts about underwear

Half a million for royal pantaloons

In Edinburgh, Scotland, an auction of artifacts from the Victorian era was held. The collection was put up for sale by the Forbes family of American businessmen. Among the lots were the impressive panties of Queen Victoria, who died in 1901. The silk copy with the monarch’s monogram went under the hammer for £9,735. Art. (about 500 thousand rubles). The new owner said that this household item would fit well into the interiors of his mansion.

Thanks Cinderella

British luxury lingerie company Fred & Ginger has launched a £25,000 set for the upcoming holidays. Art. (1.25 million rubles). According to the company’s designer, Cinderella inspired her to create a silk masterpiece – it is in such lingerie that Diana Winstor presents a fabulous beauty at the ball. The bra is adorned with a half-carat diamond pendant set in 18-carat yellow gold and set with 69 small diamonds. Jewels shine on the panties too.

Panties from the “wind”

To solve a delicate problem, because of which people often find themselves in an awkward position, one of the Japanese textile companies undertook. She developed unusual underwear for patients with flatulence. Briefs with ceramic particles in the fabric absorb unpleasant odors. Men’s (black) and women’s (pink) models have been developed. While underwear can only absorb smell, technologists are looking for a way to teach underpants to muffle sound as well.

Lighting up the night

Several well-known fashion houses simultaneously introduced neon underwear that can glow in the dark in their collections. For the first time such kits appeared at the Briton Henry Holland, but they were rustic in design. The current ones are for every taste: lace, sports and even maxi with ruffles.


According to numerous surveys, most men prefer to admire a woman in a thong. Based on sociological data, knowing about this desire, many ladies choose this type of panties.


The name “pantaloons” (originally – underwear like tights from the waist to the knees) appeared in the 40s of the 17th century. And this is due to the traditional character of the Italian farcical theater Pantaleone, who wore tight pants.

Actresses and singers wear such pantaloons not because they prefer such underwear, but because it is indecent for a public person to shine their lower body. Girls dance on stage, move and understand that not all viewers want to see their underwear and what is under it. Many wear such pantaloons to go out, because. a light skirt can be lifted by the wind, etc. Especially since the underwear is not too noticeable. And it’s not always compelling. And well done. They shine with all parts of the body on purpose, and those who do not want to take action.

Polls show that 70% of men hate thongs on women, and for some, the sight of a rope stuck up their ass makes them gag.
A woman should want to undress, take off her swimming trunks, and in a thong she is already naked, you don’t want to pull the rope out of her ass.


The word “underpants” comes from the French culotte troussee – “short pants”, rolled up, rolled up, worn on a naked body. In ancient times, there was no underwear. And if the ancient Egyptians at least wore a loincloth, then the Greeks and Romans did without it at all.

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