Norwegian lepers

Members of the musical group Leprous have been delighting their fans with enviable regularity for the past eight years. Having released their debut album in 2009, the guys from Notodden present their fifth full-length album in 2017 (that is, albums were released every two years). And such a frequent release of releases did not affect the quality at all, believe me.
Having heard the music of the “Norwegian lepers” once, you will no longer confuse it with anything. The style in which this group plays is very difficult to classify: naturally, the basis is a mixture of progressive metal and rock, but so many fleeting inclusions appear in the musical compositions that one wants to hang a “label” of experimental metal on the work of the quintet.

The visiting card of Leprous is, of course, the extraordinary lightness (I would even say some “dreaminess”) of Einar Solberg’s compositions and characteristic vocals. However, I propose to finish the ranting and move on to what we have all been waiting for – listening to the new album (in good quality).

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