Tea drinking in Chinese


In the East, they believe that the exact observance of various and numerous rituals brings order and meaning to life. Not only in the life of each individual person, but of the entire Universe. It doesn’t matter what ritual is performed. The main thing is the desire for perfection, which is present in any ritual action.

Tea drinking in China is much more than just drinking a drink. The scope of this ritual goes far beyond such concepts as taste, aroma, aesthetics or craftsmanship.

Drinking tea is one of the many ways to achieve inner harmony. The tea ceremony, by its very nature, cannot be fussy, done in a hurry, or whatever. This action is taken seriously, it requires an inspired, meaningful approach. The tea ceremony is the interaction of water, fire, tea leaves, spaces and conditions.

Tibet plateau – Vitas

这是(阉人唱法)演唱的国语歌曲,This is a beautiful and famous Chinese folk song composed by Zhang Jin-yi. From the video, it looks like a singer who is a counter tenor singing with falsetto. He is 90% accurate in the Mandarin pronunciation. Any song lover should compare this with other real Tibetan singers video posted on Youtube. They are listed under the Chinese title : 谭晶 青藏高原

我覺得不只是高不高音的問題 能唱到如此高音有何難 有些歌手都可以 但是他的聲音實在是太美太自然了 像呼吸一樣簡單 真的是來自天上的聲音阿😚

嚴夏 就是就是,不是越高越好的,之前好像看到一個視頻實驗過一些結果。記得是大多人能夠做到這個頻率(好像是這個音高)之類的,但是一般來說嘴巴不夠維持那個發射振波的能量還是什麼的,拿個工具來試才有可能做出那樣的振動吧