Graceful shapes can replace the mind

sad woman

Respecting another means accepting a person as he is, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Respect is the realization of another person as a value, it must be unconditional, like love. But you cannot respect another if you do not have love and respect for yourself.

I hate when men extol themselves over women. Responsibilities .. In my opinion, the family should not have RESPONSIBILITIES. People should understand each other, and if one has not cooked dinner the second cannot say “go cook, this is your duty” in the sense of a duty ?! If you want to eat, go get it ready! We all have arms and legs, what is the actual problem ?! The time has passed for the home-building understanding of the family. In the end, the family code and the feminine mind equalized the rights of men and women. The predominance of the rights of one over the rights of the other is a relic of the past.

It is necessary to respect and understand each other, to sympathize and help, and no matter where whose duty is! I also find fault with my husband about “why everything is lying around and when it’s over”. I myself also sometimes like to scatter things, but I know that I have to put them away. He will never take my things away. And in 50% of cases I have to clean his things. That pisses me off. That’s right: there are always two to blame for a conflict. And two must resolve this conflict. So, you need to talk and look for the root of the problem. No one knows how to read thoughts … And you also need to understand that everyone is not sinless: if they put up with your shortcomings, it is worth reconsidering your claims. In general, you are a wonderful couple and wise people! Happiness and prosperity to you!
It is especially impressive that the monologue takes place against the background of a neatly tucked-in trakhodroma in a semi-dark room, which disposes to the appropriate classes with a white body and graceful breasts of a big-eyed slender woman.

We cover our ears and concentrate on the raging forms. Happy viewing.