Simple money saving


When prices are skyrocketing in your country, food is disappearing, and unemployment is growing even faster, then simple recipes and saving techniques become the only way to survive in such extreme conditions. Nothing complicated, it’s just common sense.


By products. Do not take sausages or sausages, yes, fast and tasty, but too expensive. Buy meat. Do not take on the bones, fillet is better, it is more expensive, but in terms of net weight it is more profitable. You don’t eat bones, do you? Do not take heavily frozen meat, when defrosting, the volume and weight will be 1.5 times less. Especially if it’s something on the bone, like a ham. Take chilled. Meat can be replaced with mushrooms. In autumn, you can buy from grandmothers in the market. Be sure to take someone with you who fumbles in mushrooms or study everything yourself. In winter, take it frozen or on sale.


Milk, eggs, cheese. If you live in a city where there are private traders or farmers who sell their products, which are both better and cheaper than a supermarket. You can find them by the cluster of grandmothers at 6-9 in the morning with empty bottles and string bags. You can take chopped, if you know that you will eat them in a couple of days, they are discounted. Cons: you have to get up early, because these people bring milk immediately after morning milking, and they milk early, at 5-6 in the morning. Plus, it may not be enough for everyone, so it’s better in advance.

Under milk and sour cream, it is better to take your container. They may or may not be there (remember, this is not a supermarket), or they may just wash bottles after sodas. And how well they wash is unknown. In general, it will be calmer in your own.
Plus, it’s delicious and natural.
Bread is advantageous to take in small bakeries, where, as a rule, it is cheaper and always fresh.

Calculate the cost of coffee approximately in a ratio of 1: 1.1. Those. 95 grams of coffee should cost no more than 110-120 rubles. So, by the way, it works with other similar bulk goods.

It is also better to take vegetables at fairs from farmers, if there are such in your area. Plus, you can and should bargain there. Each farmer initially puts the price higher, because he knows that there will be bargaining. It is not profitable for him not to dump, otherwise he will take everything home, and everything will deteriorate.


By the way, about fairs. If you know what time it ends, then go to its end, there, of course, the choice will not be great, but they will give you almost for free, because taking food home for them means burning out.

Very important! Don’t go shopping hungry. Compare prices carefully to understand the ratio. More expensive does not mean better quality.

In the fixed price, by the way, you can take conservation completely, if you do not advocate for sardines, so that one to one. There, peas / fish / corn are smaller, but if this is an ingredient in a dish, then not bad. See the dates and that the jar is not wrinkled or swollen.

Life hack how to eat less and still eat up. Just trick your brain. Take flat small plates. The same portion on a large one will look like there is little, and on a small one it looks like a lot. Same with depth. Eat with a fork, the more you pick with food, the faster you get tired and full.

Simple ways to save money at home.
Get in the habit of turning off the lights. Buy LED light bulbs, they are more expensive, but they use less energy. By the way, it is better to take one lamp for 100 watts than 2 for 60 .

If we talk about austerity, then unplug unnecessary electrical appliances from the network, especially if they are not new, because in older models there is no sensor that blocks and stops receiving energy.


If your refrigerator is against a wall with a battery, move it. He spends more energy to cool, because his wall is heated. Close the refrigerator tightly, it is important for Soviet ones, because there the seal becomes stiff from time to time and does not fit well, wasting cold.

Make sure that the faucet and toilet bowl do not flow. Either turn off the water, or buy and replace gaskets and faucets.
When washing dishes, turn off the water so that it does not overflow. It is necessary to wash off – turned on. If you have a dishwasher – great, it spends many times less water.



Indulgation is another term that Carlos Castaneda gave to the general public. This is a term from Don Juan and it comes from the word “indulgence” – liberation from punishment for sins if a person has already repented (used in the Catholic Church). Indulgation is the main way of reacting to the events of modern people. Avoiding indulgence and taking responsibility for everything that happens in life on oneself is one of the aspects of a mature personality, or a warrior, according to Don Juan’s terminology.

The term “indulgence” has several very non-obvious aspects, which we will consider in this article. The very first aspect is the justification of one’s inaction. For example, a person wants to learn how to swim or ride a bike, but is looking not for a way to fulfill his desire, but for a reason not to do it. In this case, the indulgent himself is good in his own eyes, because he has a desire to do something developing, bright and kind, but the world itself acts as a kind of villain that does not allow dreams to come true. Similarly, one may dream of seeing distant lands, engaging in charitable activities, sports, painting, or hiking. Something will always happen in the world that would interfere with the implementation of the plan.

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The second aspect of indulgence is the feeling of what would have happened if things had turned out differently. For example, a man’s house burned down because he did not turn off the iron. Now such a person can talk all his life about what would happen if he turned off the ill-fated electrical engineering. In this way, you can build many parallel realities, where a person is happier, freer, loved and more successful. But all that remains is to regret that life does not take place in fictional realities, but in the one where we sit and invent them.

Self-pity, self-indulgence, the search for excuses, pangs of conscience – all these are also aspects of indulgence in its purest form. Of course, indulgation does not bring any benefit. Moreover, a constantly indulging person gets used to living in a world of fantasies and words and is not able to quickly respond to what is happening in reality. Very often, such people become victims of accidents simply because they miss moments to save their own lives or are not too attentive to the current moment.

ОСАГО – это просто

Многие граждане знают, что такое ОСАГО. Однако те, кто занимаются страхованием много лет, знают, что уровень понимания вопроса у наших российских граждан быстро стремится к нулю, а от этого слетевшие скидки, “левые” страховки, потерянные деньги и масса бесполезной нервотрёпки.

Сразу скажем, что такое ОСАГО – это страхование вашей ответственности перед другими участниками движения, пешеходами, имуществом и т.п. Проще говоря, если вы стали виновником ДТП, то страховая компания оплатит причинённый вами ущерб, но вовсе не ущерб, полученный вами! Помните об этом.

  1. Так называемый базовый тариф или БТ, установленный государством. Он последнее время часто меняется и на сегодня составляет для легковых машин физ.лиц сумму от 2471 до 5436.В рамках этого коридора, любая страховая может его применять. В наших реалиях, разумеется, по минимуму никто не берёт. Чаще всего, СК стараются держать БТ в районе 4200-4700, но есть и особо жадные, берущие по максимуму.
  2. Коэффициент территориальный или Кт. Существуют целые таблицы, в которых вся страна «оцифрованна» этим коэффициентом, где минимум 0,64 и максимум 1,99 (ЕМНИП). Их каждый свободно может найти, поэтому пошли дальше.
  3. Коэффициент мощности (Км). В зависимости от л.с. он доходит до 1,6, причём всё, что свыше 150 л.с. так и остаётся 1,6, хоть 500 кобыл у вас под капотом.
  4. Коэффициент возраста-стажа (КВС). Тут таблица из 58 коэффициентов, и он может быть от 1,93 для «чайников» до 0,9 для гуру автовождения.
  5. Коэффициент продолжительности полиса (КП). Он варьируется от 0,2 полиса на год за совсем короткий срок страхования до 1 за год. Отметим сразу – это невыгодно, если только вы не собираетесь продавать машину.
  6. Коэффициент сезонности (КС). Чаще всего он касается мотоциклистов.
  7. Коэффициент допущеных к управлению или КО. Водители называют это неограниченной страховкой. Так вот при ней цена взлетает на 1,94 для физлиц. Там масса побочных минусов и никому не рекомендую это делать. Единственный плюс такого решения – за руль может сесть вообще любой человек.

И, наконец, любимый коэффициент всех водителей и страховщиков КБМ или коэффициент бонус-малус, он же «скидки за безаварийность». Тут поле широкое для злоупотреблений, причём с обеих сторон. Его минимум 0,5 и максимум 2,45.
Изначально для каждого водителя он равен 1 и опускается по 5% каждый безаварийный год, но при ДТП, если вы виновны, он взлетает капитально. Например, при одном ДТП у водителя с КБМ = 0,5 он становится 0,8. После 1 всё ещё грустнее: при КБМ = 1 за одно ДТП (дорожно – транспортное происшествие) вы получаете сразу 1,55
Нужно знать, что ваш КБМ не может менться произвольно в течении года. Всё изменение происходит один раз, в День смеха 1 апреля. Так что, если вы застрахуетесь раньше, ваши мелкие пакости программа не заметит и вы немного съэкономите, но только до следующего раза.