Indulgation is another term that Carlos Castaneda gave to the general public. This is a term from Don Juan and it comes from the word “indulgence” – liberation from punishment for sins if a person has already repented (used in the Catholic Church). Indulgation is the main way of reacting to the events of modern people. Avoiding indulgence and taking responsibility for everything that happens in life on oneself is one of the aspects of a mature personality, or a warrior, according to Don Juan’s terminology.

The term “indulgence” has several very non-obvious aspects, which we will consider in this article. The very first aspect is the justification of one’s inaction. For example, a person wants to learn how to swim or ride a bike, but is looking not for a way to fulfill his desire, but for a reason not to do it. In this case, the indulgent himself is good in his own eyes, because he has a desire to do something developing, bright and kind, but the world itself acts as a kind of villain that does not allow dreams to come true. Similarly, one may dream of seeing distant lands, engaging in charitable activities, sports, painting, or hiking. Something will always happen in the world that would interfere with the implementation of the plan.

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The second aspect of indulgence is the feeling of what would have happened if things had turned out differently. For example, a man’s house burned down because he did not turn off the iron. Now such a person can talk all his life about what would happen if he turned off the ill-fated electrical engineering. In this way, you can build many parallel realities, where a person is happier, freer, loved and more successful. But all that remains is to regret that life does not take place in fictional realities, but in the one where we sit and invent them.

Self-pity, self-indulgence, the search for excuses, pangs of conscience – all these are also aspects of indulgence in its purest form. Of course, indulgation does not bring any benefit. Moreover, a constantly indulging person gets used to living in a world of fantasies and words and is not able to quickly respond to what is happening in reality. Very often, such people become victims of accidents simply because they miss moments to save their own lives or are not too attentive to the current moment.

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