19 Dangerous Fitness Secrets

The goal of fitness is to maintain a high standard of living, that is, when there is a minimum of diseases. Pounding your body with screams, loads, weights is CRAZY, because you will get a million problems: prolapse of organs, joint injuries … And why these problems, if you can make your ass beautiful without it.

Muscle pain after a workout is not an indicator of a good workout. Pain indicates microdamage to muscle tissue. A large number of microdamages inhibits muscle growth, because amino acids are needed for muscle growth, which are also needed for healing injuries.

It is impossible to feel the “work” of the muscles. When you strain a muscle and feel a burning sensation, this is not an indicator of its work, more often it is even bad. You may not feel a burning sensation, but your muscle will work at its maximum efficiency.

The criterion for a good workout is the absence of pain or injury, and the result.

“Squeezing” the buttocks in a squat (such bringing the pelvis forward) is BAD! What you are feeling is called compartment syndrome, this results in tissue ischemia (dysfunction, tissue or organ damage)

A good stretch is beautiful and sexy. But, unfortunately, evolution did not assume that in the 21st century we would decide to do the splits in a month. Twine is not a physiological norm of mobility, such stretching leads to instability of the joints, i.e. injuries. As a result of such stretching, our ligaments become like a stretched rubber band (roughly speaking), they are not able to fix the joint during sudden movements and work with weights.

If you are thin enough (oh), but the stomach still falls out, then you need to work with the spine, and not with the press. Hyperlordosis is a common (but not the only) cause of a protruding abdomen.

If you do not want to harm the pelvic organs, then do not retract the stomach. The inverted abdomen leads to dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles, which are associated with the pelvic organs. In simple terms, a retracted abdomen = urinary and fecal incontinence. But once a day for a photo you can retract.

Fitness waist corset – HELL! Not only does it also affect the pelvic floor muscles, but it also limits the movement of the chest. The waist in it can become narrower if worn constantly, as in the 19th century, so that the ribs ossify, but in this case the person becomes disabled.

Often when working with heavy weights I use an athletic belt. Seems safe, but not really. The correct mechanism for using it is on the exhale. Those. every time you lift a barbell you EXHALE and your body remembers it. But in everyday life there is no belt, but there are everyday burdens, and for safety in “everyday life” it is in us to use the straining technique (INHALE). Only now the body remembers that you usually exhale. Weight + exhalation + no belt = injury. Simply put, when you use an athletic belt, you force yourself to forget about the natural defense mechanism.

Vacuum advertised exercise. Firstly, this exercise is not necessary, it does not bring as much benefit as noise from it. Secondly, the vacuum can hurt. If there are inflammatory processes of the organs, then it cannot be done, and you can only learn about inflammatory processes from a doctor. That is, to make a vacuum, you need to diagnose the entire abdominal cavity)) It makes no sense to make a vacuum for recently given birth, and overweight people, since there is no movement in the ribs.

Meniscal injury is one of the most common sports injuries. Usually, the meniscus is injured as a result of: a sharp rotational movement in the knee joint with a fixed foot; too sharp extension at the knee; falling on the knee or hitting it. Be careful.

Smith’s simulator is on the black list of simulators. There are two opposing forces acting on you in the Smith squat, which can lead to knee injury. The safest in this regard is the leg press.

The keto diet is dangerous for the brain, because our gray matter needs carbohydrates. Lack of carbohydrates – stress.

It has been proven that intermittent fasting is not the best way to lose weight. Why starve when you can eat a balanced diet and lose weight)

The right way of life is not the meaning of life. Therefore, weighing food before eating is an extra focus on your actions, which can lead to stress. If there are problems with the eye, then this can be solved with the help of measuring utensils. (my opinion)

It is not worth taking vitamins just like that; they contain decay products that the body needs to process. Vitamins are taken as prescribed by a doctor. The best prevention of all diseases is a balanced diet, proper exercise, sleep, lack of stress.

And remember guys that everything in our body is interdependent! Broke a toe – the neck will hurt) Everything is poison and everything is medicine.

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